Nevron .NET Vision suite

Nevron .NET Vision is the ultimate suite for creating unique and powerful data presentation applications with spectacular data visualization capabilities. It features the most advanced Charting, Diagramming and User Interface components for .NET. The carefully designed object model and unmatched presentation “out-of-the-box” quality make Nevron .NET Vision an award-winning component suite.

If you are interested to give Nevron .NET Vision a try, the evaluation copy can be downloaded here. All evaluations are full featured and not time restricted. The only difference from the retail version is the absence of the “Demo Version” watermarks.

.NET Vision suite is currently taking part in an important competition – the .NET Readers Choice Award. You can check out Nevron site for more information!

About Nevron
Nevron LLC has been the name of the world’s most innovative company developing component based data visualization technology for more than 6 years now. Today Nevron is a synonym of premium quality data visualization. The company portfolio includes the world’s most advanced charting and diagramming components for the .NET platform. Their perfection, quality and innovative design are unique.

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