Quick Tip: Adjusting delay and speed

Numerous adjustments on delay and speed in Custom Animation maybe tedious as you will need to bring up the Timing dialog box every now and then. Here’s a quick tip that you can try to ease the process. First, click Slide Show > Custom Animation. This will bring up the Custom Animation task pane. Under the task pane, you will see a couple of effects that you have added. Right click on any of the effects and select “Show Advanced Timeline”. When the advanced timeline is shown, the “On click” and “After previous” icon beside the effects will disappear, while … Continue reading Quick Tip: Adjusting delay and speed

PowerPoint 2007: Shadow not animating with text

If you have been adding shadows to your text in PowerPoint 2007, you may find problems animating them. For instance, when you add an entrance effect (Fade) to the text, the text fades in while its shadow does not. The solution to this would be making a habit to add your text shadow through the Text Effects instead of the Shape Effects. When double clicking on the textbox, the Drawing Tools tab will appear. If you have added the shadows through shape effects, remove it.This time round, add the shadows from the Text Effects under WordArt Styles. Figure 1: Text … Continue reading PowerPoint 2007: Shadow not animating with text

Basic PowerPoint Art Tutorial

Our PowerPoint Heaven Contributor, Jerry, has released a tutorial on drawing anime characters in PowerPoint. More of his works will also be made available to PowerPoint Heaven soon! Do check out the link at:http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48891773/Figure 1: Basic PowerPoint Art Tutorial

Fikree’s Projects – SCROLL Demo

Lack of postings since last month as I was in the mid of examinations. To keep you guys update, Fikree has just released the demo for his latest PowerPoint Game – SCROLL.SCROLL demo contains 30 levels and 2 enviroment worlds. The full version will be available on April 2007.http://files.filefront.com/SCROLL_Demo/;6720118;;/fileinfo.html