PowerPoint 2007: Shadow not animating with text

If you have been adding shadows to your text in PowerPoint 2007, you may find problems animating them. For instance, when you add an entrance effect (Fade) to the text, the text fades in while its shadow does not.

The solution to this would be making a habit to add your text shadow through the Text Effects instead of the Shape Effects. When double clicking on the textbox, the Drawing Tools tab will appear. If you have added the shadows through shape effects, remove it.

This time round, add the shadows from the Text Effects under WordArt Styles.

Figure 1: Text Effects button

8 thoughts on “PowerPoint 2007: Shadow not animating with text

  1. To prepare you PowerPoint 2003 files for 2007 and this shadow issue, be sure to use 2003’s S (shadow) button to add the text shadow instead of the object shadow. To change the color, modify your color scheme.

  2. Shadows in 2003 ppt. are not animated in 2007. Why????!!! Is this going to be fixed???? If I take a file from 2003 ppt. and remove the shadows and then open it with 2007 – Then I cannot even get to the “Format Text Effects” to add the shdow in 2007 ppt.. How Come????!!!! Seems to me it is worthy of fixing this problem!!!???

  3. Thanks bloggers, for the insight into using the TEXT shadow effect instead of the Shape or Object shadow effect for putting a shadow on text in PPT 2007. After a few minutes of trying to discover why the Shadow came on first and then each of the bulleted items, it became apparent that the Text shadow and the Shape or Object shadow don’t work the same in PPT 2007 as they do in PPT 2003. Do any of you know if the following has ever been considered or if it currently is being considered by Microsoft? When editing a vector drawing and manipulating its points, it would be very helpful and much more efficient to be able to select more than one point at a time to delete in the editing process. Currently if you have an object with may vector points and you desire to delete 50 points in a row, it can only be accomplished by selecting and deleting one point at a time.

  4. Question:

    In PPT 2007 I am editing a vector shape which extends completely across the width of the PPT slide. I magnify the view of the image and want to edit the vector points on the right side of the shape so I use the horizontal and verticle scroll bar to get to the right side of the image. I click on it and edit points. I adjust a point and the image snaps back to the middle of the screen so to edit the next point or to continue editing the current point I have to move the horizontal and verticle sliders to get the image in the right position again to edit the points.  Is there a way to keep the  magnified image in the same place without moving after each edit?

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