Quick Tip: Adjusting delay and speed

Numerous adjustments on delay and speed in Custom Animation maybe tedious as you will need to bring up the Timing dialog box every now and then. Here’s a quick tip that you can try to ease the process.

First, click Slide Show > Custom Animation. This will bring up the Custom Animation task pane. Under the task pane, you will see a couple of effects that you have added. Right click on any of the effects and select “Show Advanced Timeline”. When the advanced timeline is shown, the “On click” and “After previous” icon beside the effects will disappear, while orange bars will be displayed instead. These orange bars can be adjusted with ease. The adjustment will allow you to make changes to both the speed and delay instantly. You will also get to see live preview of the adjustment timing. There is a scrollbar on the advanced timeline for you to scroll through timing of added effects. To adjust the timing of an effect, hover over its bar, then click and start dragging on one of the ends.

Figure 1: Advanced Timeline

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