Incomplete Credits Animation

Often, you would like to have PowerPoint animating your text like those credits in a movie. PowerPoint 2002/XP has this Credits effect. Opening the Custom Animation task pane, select the text box, and click Add Effect > Entrance > Credits. This works fine if you keep the list of text short. Unfortunately if you have a long list of text, credits animation stopping half way through the slide would be a common issue, and you may wonder why.

The reason is because, the credits effect will only animate those text that are within the slide. If you have a long list of text, causing the textbox overflowing the slide, the credits animation will stop half way during slide show. There are a few solutions to this, depending on your preference. Some examples of resolving this would be:

  1. Reduce text size

  2. Break up the list into several text boxes / slides

  3. Use Crawl / Fly In effect

  4. Use Motion Path

For my preference, I recommend using the Crawl In effect. The Crawl In effect is much more straightforward as compared to rest of the solutions. So can it be done?

First, remove the credits effect that you have added from the Custom Animation task pane.
Next, select the textbox, click Add Effect > Entrance > Crawl In.
Ensure that the direction is set to “From Bottom”.
Double click on the added effect to bring up the Effect Option dialog box.
Select Text Animation tab.
Under Group text, click on the dropdown menu and select “As one object”. This will allow the chuck of text to animate as one object. Once you are done, ok your way out.
Drag the textbox completely off the top of the slide.
Now when you preview in the slide show, the text will crawl in from the bottom of the screen and exit off the top.

2 thoughts on “Incomplete Credits Animation

  1. Even if you use the Crawl In effect, there seems to still be a finite limit on how big the text box can be before your text gets clipped off.  I can’t find anything specific that addresses this, but would you agree with me on this or am I missing something?  Thanks!

  2. Hi Matt,
    I remember there is a limit on that too. Can’t recall the actual limit (1 and a half slide?). If your text is really long, then you will need to separate it into 2 slides.

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