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Several news here on what you will be expecting for PowerPoint Heaven:

Pointer’s Way 4 – Unfortunately, this game will be scrapped according to the creator, Fikree. Due to some technical issues, the project has been discarded and will be replaced by a new form of Pointer’s Way which we hope will be available in coming August or September 2007.

Jerry, Zzangdol and Sandy’s works – I still have a few of their works unpublished, mainly for Jerry and Zzangdol’s. Hence, expect to see lots of their works on the next few updates.

New contributors – We have two new contributors, one for tutorials and the other for PowerPoint Games. Expect to see their works in late May or June 2007. More information will be released shortly.

The Art of PowerPoint-ing blog – This is the blog i’m talking about. Not much updates recently. Hope to post more tutorials soon. My apologies!

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  1. how could you make such good animations and drawings. when you get to work with it, it’s better than flash. really amazing, you should continue.

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