Control Toolbox: Typing text during slide show 2

Earlier on, we talked about typing text during slide show. The problem with the textbox is that you cannot go beyond two lines, hence, if you are intending to throw in a long chunk of text in it, it won’t work. Here’s two quick adjustments you will need to do to resolve this.

First of all, follow what the previous tutorial has mentioned to create the textbox from Control Toolox.
Next, Right click on the textbox, select Properties.
Look for MultiLine, set it to true. This will allow you to go beyond two lines of text.
Look for Scrollbars, set it to 2 – fromScrollBarsVertical. By doing so, you will get the vertical scrollbar which allow you to scroll through your long chunk of text.
Now, go into slide show. You can then type your text in the textbox. To go into the next line, press Shift + Enter key.

One thought on “Control Toolbox: Typing text during slide show 2

  1. Thanks SO much for this. I had found out, from elsewhere, about the textbox control. but then immediately had questions…. how do i go to next line, how do i make it larger and allow more text.

    all answered in your concise but very helpful post!
    Keep up the Good work

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