ANN: PowerPoint Tutorial by Mukund Nadkarni

Another PowerPoint Heaven’s update. New PowerPoint tutorial (Power Cut) submitted by Mukund Nadkarni. While Photoshop and other graphic editing software have Lasso Tool, this tutorial shows you how to extract portion of images from its background just using PowerPoint alone. Link:  

A new logo, a new layout

PowerPoint Heaven has been undergoing several changes recently. Mainly to get the site more organized and professional. Now to consolidate some of major updates:Updated logo – The purpose is to bring clarity and makes the logo looks neater. The changes include: Lighter cloud Added border color on the wordings Smaller wordings Centered the entire logo Fixed some alignment issue Added “The Power to Animate” Color of shadow has been changed   OldNew Updated frontpage layout – The frontpage on PowerPoint Heaven has been updated. The previous layout was limited and disorganized. The new layout will allow more content to be added. … Continue reading A new logo, a new layout

Speech-Over 2.3

Version 2.3 of Speech-Over has been released. According to Joel from Speech-Over, it is first-of-a-kind software for quickly and easily adding perfectly-timed voices in animated PowerPoint presentations for multi-media education and training.You can check out the press release at:  

More news on Pointer’s Way [arcade]

An official trailer of an upcoming PowerPoint game, Pointer’s Way [arcade], only for Office 2007. Gamers must scroll their way through 96 levels. Avoid killer obstacles, and unlock things to get passed through. Pointer’s Way [arcade] will be avaible on December 2007 at PowerPoint Heaven.Link:

PowerPoint Game – Eternal Escape

New PowerPoint Heaven update!Added a PowerPoint Game – Eternal Escape.  Eternal Escape is a PowerPoint graphic adventure game (an escape the room genre) well inspired by MOTAS. In this game, you are required to solve the puzzles and riddles provided and make use of objects you found to escape from locked rooms. Story will continue to progress as the level increases. More rooms and levels were be added from time to time. Storyline: Your role as a young and intelligent scientist, who has been spending years researching on perfect eternity formula. One day, you have been kidnapped by some mysterious … Continue reading PowerPoint Game – Eternal Escape

PowerPoint Heaven Discussion Board

I have started a PowerPoint Heaven Discussion Board today. The purpose for this board is to allow sharing and discussion on PowerPoint knowledge, tips and tricks. On top of that, if you have any PowerPoint games, portfolio or artworks to showcase, you can share it there too. The board is currently on its beta testing stage as I still need to test the response and other related stuff. If everything goes fine, it should sucessfully replace the current guestbook feature on PowerPoint Heaven. If you have anything to share, start registering on the board now!Enter PowerPoint Heaven Discussion Board

New PowerPoint Heaven Contributors and Updates

Majoy updates on PowerPoint Heaven! Ted Thayer is our new PowerPoint Heaven’s contributor. A specialist in creating PowerPoint Games, he is also proficient in drawing artworks with PowerPoint. Ted participated in iFilm’s PowerPoint 2007 Contest – Your Best Moment in PowerPoint 2007. He was selected as one of the finalists by the internal judges, which then won him the 2nd place with over 40,000 online votes. Added Ted’s Projects which can be found in the Animations Page under PowerPoint Games category. Ted’s Projects has it own page at Figure 1: PowerPoint Game, 30-Second Survival by Ted ThayerGraham Shaw has submitted … Continue reading New PowerPoint Heaven Contributors and Updates

Import vs. Native: The PointClips Advantage

I remember introducing the hand drawn artworks by PointClips earlier on. Thanks to Jeff from, this time you will get to see a short demonstration of the advantages for using PowerPoint artworks as compared to imported graphics. The main casts in this demo are Irene Import and Ned Native. Check this out:

Pointer’s Way [two] First Look

Now you will probably be wondering the direction of Fikree’s next Pointer’s Way series. Well, apart from getting completely re-designed, the upcoming Pointer’s Way [two] will slightly be different from its predecessor, with a more colorful and cartoony theme. Here’s a sample video of how the game might look like: