New PowerPoint Heaven Contributors and Updates

Majoy updates on PowerPoint Heaven!

Ted Thayer is our new PowerPoint Heaven’s contributor. A specialist in creating PowerPoint Games, he is also proficient in drawing artworks with PowerPoint. Ted participated in iFilm’s PowerPoint 2007 Contest – Your Best Moment in PowerPoint 2007. He was selected as one of the finalists by the internal judges, which then won him the 2nd place with over 40,000 online votes. Added Ted’s Projects which can be found in the Animations Page under PowerPoint Games category.

Ted’s Projects has it own page at

30-Second Survival
Figure 1: PowerPoint Game, 30-Second Survival by Ted Thayer

Graham Shaw has submitted a “Creating Basic Timers” tutorial and can be found in Tutorials page under Others category.

In recognition to the hard work and efforts of the contributors, medals are now awarded to works and submissions that stands out from the regular ones. These works are the cream of PowerPoint Heaven. Strict rules and conditions are applied to these awards, hence only the best works will be awarded. Based on these awards, you can also decide which are the recommended choices.
If you have come across icons such as Top Choice Medal Featured Medal Viewers' Choice Medal when browsing through PowerPoint Heaven, they represent the PowerPoint Heaven’s Medals.

Works and submissions previously featured on the front page are now archived. They can be found in the Featured Archive page.

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