PowerPoint Game – Eternal Escape

New PowerPoint Heaven update!
Added a PowerPoint Game – Eternal Escape.


Eternal Escape is a PowerPoint graphic adventure game (an escape the room genre) well inspired by MOTAS. In this game, you are required to solve the puzzles and riddles provided and make use of objects you found to escape from locked rooms. Story will continue to progress as the level increases. More rooms and levels were be added from time to time.

Storyline: Your role as a young and intelligent scientist, who has been spending years researching on perfect eternity formula. One day, you have been kidnapped by some mysterious guys. When you are awake, you found yourself trapped in a room. You tried escaping. Not knowing the reason of the kidnapping, you soon realize that ransom is not what they want…

Link: http://pptheaven.mvps.org/eternal.html (Available in pps and exe format. PowerPoint is not required.)
Need help on escaping? Visit PowerPoint Heaven Discussion Board here!

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