Dragon Ball PowerPoint Artworks, Pixels Neon 2

2 new updates!

Lee Cherry (Yholl) is our new PowerPoint Heaven‘s contributor! He began using PowerPoint since Year 2003. He is a big fan of the Japanese manga, Dragon Ball, and is the creator of The Howard Chronicles (A parody of Dragon Ball Z). He specializes in drawing manga characters using PowerPoint and most of his works revolve around Dragon Ball. Yholl’s PowerPoint artworks is now available here.

Dragon Ball

Pixels Neon 2 is out! Larm and Darm have captured the 6 Neons and they are on their way to create The Perfect Neon (TPN). With TPN, they will be able to take over the universe. Your mission is to rescue the 6 Neons and stop Larm and Darm from their evil scheme! Pixels Neon 2 can be downloaded here.

Pixels Neon 2

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