PNG to JPG gets black background

If you have a .png image in PowerPoint with transparent background, you will realize that if you are going to convert it to jpg by copying the image and then click Edit > Paste Special > JPEG, the background of the image will become black. What if black isn’t the color you want?

Here’s a workaround:
Select the image, click Ctrl-C to copy.
Click Edit > Paste Special.
Select Bitmap and click Ok. The image background should become white now.
Repeat the steps, but this time, paste it as a jpeg.

Another way would be:
Insert a rectangle AutoShape that covers the image completely (same height, same width).
Double click on the rectangle.
Set the Fill Color to white, Line Color to No Line.
Right click on the rectangle, click Order > Send to Back.
Adjust the rectangle so that it is exactly on top of the picture.
Select both the picture and rectangle.
Right click and select Grouping > Group.
Do a Ctrl – C to copy.
Click Edit > Paste Special.
Select JPEG.

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