Insert flv video into PowerPoint

What is a flv video?
Flash Video, also known as flv, is a file format that is used to deliver video over the Internet. It uses the .flv file extension. Video sharing sites such as YouTube and MySpace make use of Flash Video format.

Inserting flv video into PowerPoint
There are several programs which allow you to view Flash Video. One example is VLC Media Player, which is free and can be downloaded at

To insert flv video into PowerPoint, one way is to make use of the VLC Media Player.
First, install the VLC Media Player.
Once done, create a folder.
Move the presentation and flv video to the folder.
Now, open the presentation.
Go to the slide which you want to have the Flash Video inserted.
You will need the control toolbox to be displayed.
Click View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox.
On the toolbar, click on the last icon which should be “More Controls”. (For PowerPoint 2007, Click Developer tab. Under Controls, click on the icon “More Controls”.)
Scroll right to the bottom and look for VideoLAN VLC ActiveX Plugin (both v1 and v2 is fine).
Click Ok.
Now, right click on the control that has been added, select Properties.
This will bring up the properties dialog box.
Under MRL, enter the filename (e.g. abc.flv).
Once done, close the dialog box.

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31 thoughts on “Insert flv video into PowerPoint

  1. This is fantastic.  However, after saving and exiting the Powerpoint and then re-opening it, it’s not saving the filename in the MRL field.  

    Is there a trick to it I’m missing?  

    Thanks so much!

  2. I’ve followed all these guidelines and am still having problems. After I fill in the filename, I am left with a construction cone image. I can’t click on it to do anything.

  3. OMG i cant belive it worked wow thank you so much …

    i’ve been looking how to do this for a long time i cant belive i found it…

    well anyways thanks.


    oh nd i have a question i am using desktop but the powerpointt presentation we have to do it on the lap top if i put this in a flash drive and then put it on lap top will the video still work??

  4. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHERE DO I HAVE TO TYPE THE FILE NAME! i just don’t have any space to type it and i’ve been trying forever!!!!!

  5. This works great, except on many occasions the video of the Flash movie does not play in my PowerPoint presentations. Only the audio plays. But at other times both the video and audio of the Flash movie play. Does anyone have any ideas? What other media players do you recommend to insert flv movies in PowerPoint besides the VLC Media Player? Thanks, Bob (Seattle)

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  7. same problem, typed new.flv into the MRL field and it doesn’t pplay or save. It worked once and not any more…

  8. Using PowerPoint 12.2
    I cant find the “control toolbox” under view/toolboxes, “Popular” tab, or the “developer tab”

  9. Thanks. Great Help. BUT it plays the audio part only without the video. + It is not saved with the saving of the file.

  10. Thanks very helpful but on slide show mode the icon of VLC is appearing and then moive starts. any solution for that. Fads

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