PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates

First updates for Year 2008!Added 3 new PowerPoint Showcases from the members of PowerPoint Expert Club: AutoShapes Art: Inspiration, by pso2850. AutoShapes Art: Inspiration is an inspiring piece of artwork done using PowerPoint AutoShapes and well synchronized with the beat of the music. Text Animations: Marry Me – KDC, by KDC. Featuring advanced text animations mirroring an excerpt of Ellegarden’s (a Japanese rock band) motion video, Marry Me. Text Animations: Marry Me – Bugycraxone, by Bugycraxone. Another similar showcase featuring advanced text animations making use of the lyrics in Ellegarden’s Marry Me. Added new PowerPoint Artworks, Vita, by Zzangdol, which … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates