Play YouTube videos in PowerPoint

If you have a YouTube video which you want to play it during the presentation, you can make use of the Shockwave Flash Object ActiveX Control.

To do so, open up PowerPoint.
Click View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox.
Click on the last icon, ‘More Controls’.
Scroll down and look for Shockwave Flash Object.
Select the object, then insert it onto the slide.
Once you are done, right click on the object and select Properties.
Open Internet Explorer and look for the YouTube link. Copy the URL which should be something like:
Go into PowerPoint and double click on Custom in the Object’s Properties.
Paste the URL under Movie URL.
Amend the url by replacing ‘watch?v=’ to ‘v/’ :
Ok your way out and close the properties dialog box.
Now, you will be able to view the YouTube video in slide show!

2 thoughts on “Play YouTube videos in PowerPoint

  1. Please help me! I do not get your instructions. Im trying to upload a powerpoint to youtube, but everytime I upload a powerpoint it dosnt work! It will not play! I have an Apple Mac computer. Please help me! Thank you!

  2. My movie is embed into my powerpoint problem.
    It plays well on my computer before I download it to
    my flash drive.

    When I play the powerpoint my movie will now play..clicking on the screen advances to the next slide.

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