Embedding PowerPoint in a PowerPoint

There are several ways to link presentations from one to another. The downside of linking however, is the fear of link breaking when moving the files from one location to another. A solution to resolve this is to make use of embedding.

To embed a PowerPoint in a PowerPoint, click Insert > Object. Select Create from file, then click on Browse. Look for the ppt file you want to embed. Then click Ok twice. The file will then be embedded with the first slide shown as a thumbnail. There are two ways to open the embedded presentation during slide show view. The first one is to click on the thumbnail, which will open up the embedded presentation.

If you prefer to have it open automatically, click Slide Show > Custom Animation. Select the thumbnail, click Add Effect > Object Actions > Show. Lastly, set the Start from “On Click” to “After Previous”.

10 thoughts on “Embedding PowerPoint in a PowerPoint

  1. This is really great info! Just one more thing. How can I contain it within the size of the object window instead of opening full screen?

  2. I tried this with Powerpoint 2007 and no matter what I do the embedded show just sits there and doesn’t start automatically. If I do the mouse click it starts, I have the Custom Animation set on the object to “Show” and the Start parameter set to “After Previous” and it’s the only animation in the slide. Help!

  3. This is for John
    This works in 2010.

    Follow the instructions for embedding the presentation.
    click on the preview of the embedded presentation
    Click Add Animation
    Select OLE Action Verbs
    Select Show.

    Works for me, good luck

  4. Thanks for the info. But how can you play the powerpoint file inserted without having it shown on a full screen. I only want to play it on a small thumbnail. Is it even possible? Thank you.

  5. If you have embedded a PPT file (File A) into another PPT file (File B), how can you update File A and have it autopopulate in File B?

  6. How do you play the inserted powerpoint presentation within the thumbnail space? I have made a counter which I want to play within the slide.

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