PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary

PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary! Time files, and PowerPoint Heaven is now 3 years old. It feels really good to see PowerPoint animations, games and artworks getting better and better over the past 3 years. In recent years, you can slowly see a wide variety of games coming up. Here’s a few examples of PowerPoint games by fellow hardcore PowerPointers: Pointer’s Way (maze game) by Mohammad Ahmed Fikree, Music ver. C (music rhythm game) by KDC, Ultimate Sniper (shooting game) by Ted Thayer, and the upcoming highly anticipated Eight Eclipse (RPG game) by Anthony Barfield.

Artworks are catching up quickly. With the introduction of PowerPoint Heaven Discussion Board, you can see a significant improvement and interest on drawing techniques. Several works by our board members (Alex F, Ben Belford, James Niedfeldt and Zum Zum) have also made their way to PowerPoint Heaven Contributors’ pool. Also, not to forget our PowerPoint Artworks Specialist, Jeremiah Lee, with his recent work Squall 3D, which has proved to the PowerPoint community that PowerPoint can be a very good drawing platform.

We have also receive large amount of submissions from Korea’s PowerPoint Expert Club, all thanks to Mr. Francis Lee, Admin of PowerPoint Expert Club and a former Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, who has been assisting us in communicating with the cafe’s members. Contributors from PowerPoint Expert Club have created magnificent masterpieces. Of all the masterpieces, one which is definitely worth mentioning, is Optimus Prime 3D by anubis0129, showing how the head of Optimus Prime from Transformers can be drawn and animated in 3D, all in PowerPoint.

Behind this success is all the PowerPoint Heaven contributors who have been spending millions of hours in exploring the depth of PowerPoint and contributing to the PowerPoint Entertainment community. Since the set up of PowerPoint Heaven, we now have 25 contributors who are constantly maximizing PowerPoint’s capabilities. We sincerely appreciate their efforts and contributions. Without them, PowerPoint is simply a presentation tool 🙂

To celebrate this anniversary, we present you 3 new updates:
PowerPoint Game, Pixel Scene by Anthony Barfield.
PowerPoint Artwork, Kuchiki Byakuya by Boo Jia Hao.
PowerPoint Tutorial, Realistic Walk by Zum Zum.

Coming up next will be the PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2008, our first eConvention. Stay tuned and get ready to vote for the Animation/Artwork/Game of the year!
Check out the PPTH eCon 2008 forum for more information.

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