Know your audience

It is always important to know who you are presenting to. Your audience can be a group of students, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and etc, but sometimes, knowing just that is not enough. Demographics information such as gender and race are equally essential to you, especially for preparing your presentation slides. Now, imagine that you are going to create a presentation on family values. If your audience is a group of Asian executives, slides showing Asian families will bring them deeper into your presentation. They will also feel more familiar to what you are showing them and helps relate it to their lives. … Continue reading Know your audience

No diagonal wipe transition on PowerPoint 2007

Another good reason to upgrade to PowerPoint 2010. When it comes to software, you would normally want to have absolute control over settings, especially the minor details. Just a few months back, I came to realize that PowerPoint 2007 does not offer diagonal wipe transition, instead, it has diagonal strips transitions where the edge is checkered instead of straight. What’s the fuss, you may ask? Firstly, the position where I have placed my title and the template I am using, a diagonal wipe is the perfect transition to use. Secondly, I have to port it over to a seminar room with only … Continue reading No diagonal wipe transition on PowerPoint 2007

Exploring Reflection in PowerPoint 2010

If you have been following through the growth of PowerPoint, you will notice the introduction of several Picture Effects such as soft shadows, reflections, bevel and many other effects in PowerPoint 2007. However, you are limited to the presets given to you and therefore are not allowed to adjust these effects in anyway you like. PowerPoint 2010 fixes this issue and opens up lots of new editing options. In this article, we will explore the Reflection Options and various ways you can play with the new feature. There are two ways to bring up the Reflection option, either by right … Continue reading Exploring Reflection in PowerPoint 2010