No diagonal wipe transition on PowerPoint 2007

Another good reason to upgrade to PowerPoint 2010. When it comes to software, you would normally want to have absolute control over settings, especially the minor details. Just a few months back, I came to realize that PowerPoint 2007 does not offer diagonal wipe transition, instead, it has diagonal strips transitions where the edge is checkered instead of straight. What’s the fuss, you may ask? Firstly, the position where I have placed my title and the template I am using, a diagonal wipe is the perfect transition to use. Secondly, I have to port it over to a seminar room with only PowerPoint 2007 installed. Now, if you are working with PowerPoint 2010, you may not realize this because the wipe transitions are available for all directions and that they all have blurred edges. The downside is that if you port it over to a PC with PowerPoint 2007, it will automatically use the diagonal strips transition – which uses a checkered edge. This is something very different and may not be what you are looking for. There’s no direct workaround as far as I know, except to replace it with a fade effect, or perhaps, use PowerPoint Viewer 2010 instead.

Lesson for the day: Always remember to test your presentation on different versions of PowerPoint if you have them. Otherwise, do a test run on the system that you are presenting on before doing the actual presentation. The best solution however, is to bring your own laptop so that you can reduce any issues that may possibly arise.

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