PowerPoint 2010: Sharpen your styled picture

If you are familiar with the picture styles on PowerPoint 2007, you will know that styles such as Simple Frame and Beveled Matte which allow you to style up your pictures will also soften them at the same time, causing the pictures to look blur. In PowerPoint 2010, you will still get the same effect. However, you can enhance it using the new Picture Corrections tool which allows you to bring your picture back to its sharp and crisp look. To do so, simply double click on the picture to bring out the Picture Tools ribbon. Under Adjust section, click on Corrections > Sharpen and Soften > Sharpen 50%. Alternately, you can right click on the picture and select Format Picture > Picture Corrections, which will give you even more control up to Sharpen 100%, though I wouldn’t recommend going beyond the 70% mark. Below is an example showing you the original picture, after picture style added and the Sharpen enhancement.

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