Video import for Windows Movie Maker

If you are working on a filming project or any other works that require the heavy use of video editing software, Windows Movie Maker may not be the best software out there due to the light features it has. However, for quick and easy editing, you should give it a try. That’s what I have been experimenting on recently. First thing I have come upon is a video import issue, and this is definitely a tough one if you have not been a geek with tons of video editing and converting software. To talk about it briefly, you might encounter two situations. One is problem handling a file format that Windows Movie Maker does not support (e.g. avi is probably one of them), and two is you might end up waiting indefinitely after importing (probably due to some error when recording the video).

In my case, it was the latter issue. We had many videos, all with short takes of less than 10 seconds. All videos work except one, which seems to have sort of corrupted during the recording. Viewing its file properties show that the total time was 2 hours long instead of original time of less than 10 seconds. So be it format support or import issue, you wouldn’t want to start installing countless of software just to convert the file or re-film the scene. Online conversion might work, but then again, looking for a good site might take some time due to the large number of video extensions that exist today. 

Here’s a quick tip to resolve this. Why not let YouTube do the work? If you have a YouTube account, uploading the video shouldn’t take long. Next, fire up your search engine and look for an online converter that convert youtube to HD or youtube to wmv. Furthermore, if you have recorded an audio using your video cam, you can’t simply import only the audio and remove the video on movie maker. In this case, there’s a couple of sites that allow you to convert youtube video to mp3. 

And there you go, hassle free. 🙂

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