Realistic Ball Effects with PowerPoint 2010 Revisit

Few years back, I have provided a sample for Bevel and Shadow effects on balls using PowerPoint 2003. The sample includes Ball Effects variations (5 variations, 4 colors each) accompanied by 6 examples on how you can make use them. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link:

Today, with the newer versions of PowerPoint (from 2007 and onwards), you can create these effects more easily and realistically without the need of multiple layering. Manipulating the properties under 3-D Format, you can now create spheres that looks much better than the default ones provided by Shape Styles. But by saying easy, it doesn’t mean you can create a sphere with just a few clicks, especially since modifying the size of the shape will mess up your creation of the sphere. Thus, it is important to decide on the size that you are looking for before you start going on testing out with the settings and variables. As with the ball effect sample I have created previously, here’s a completely new Ball Effects sample done using PowerPoint 2010. The sample comes with 9 variations and 4 colors each, accompanied with an example of image inserted into the sphere (For other examples, you can check out my original version on the link above).

Download the Ball Effects 2010 here.


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