Golden Harvest animation on PowerPoint

For all Hong Kong movie lovers out there, remember Golden Harvest, the production company that produced martial arts films starring actors such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan? Well, you might not remember the company name, but you will definitely recognize its prominent opening animation!

Here’s a tribute of the Golden Harvest intro animation dedicated to all the HK movie lovers out there, done entirely using PowerPoint. Download the Golden Harvest animation now! Note that there might be slight animation issue if you are using PowerPoint 2010. In this case, you can view the animation on YouTube instead:

One thought on “Golden Harvest animation on PowerPoint

  1. Looks Great! Can I use this to open my Bruce Lee project with? And if so, how can I change the text to Golden Harvest? Trying to introduce Bruce Lee to a room full of people, and many would most likely see this animation before they first saw him.

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