Create timer with PowerPoint

If you need to perform a countdown or break timer during your presentation, PowerPoint does the job. In fact, there are many ready-made PowerPoint timers out on the web that you can easily access to and the methods of executing them range from the use of PowerPoint animations to VBA. Here’s another neat way you can try out if you are new to PowerPoint and want a quick and easy way to create a timer in PowerPoint.

In traditional timer using animations, editing the numbers manually can be cumbersome. Imagine you are going to do a 1 minute counter or break timer and you want to have the timer increment every second. You will eventually have to edit the number 59 times manually. So why not let PowerPoint does the job instead? To achieve this, you can use the Slide Number and Slide Transition.

1. First, enter the Slide Master (View > Slide Master). 
2. Enlarge the slide number on the main master itself.
3. Set it to a font size of approximately 90-100, then align it to center of the slide.  
4. Next, click on the Design > Page Setup and set to number slides from 0.
5. Now, close Slide Master. Change your first slide to a Title and Content Layout. (Right click > Layout > Title and Content)
6. Then click Insert > Slide Number. Check the Slide Number and click Apply to All. 
7. Go to the Transition tab (Animation tab for PowerPoint 2007), set it to Advance Slide Automatically After 1 second, which will be 00:01:00. 
8. Then simply duplicate the slides using Ctrl-D to increment the numbers automatically. 
9. You can also add a minute counter that keeps track of the time after every 60 seconds/slides.
10. Once you are done, go back to the first slide and uncheck Advance Slide Automatically After if you do not want it to start immediately.

Here’s an example of the PowerPoint Timer: Download Now

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