PowerPoint and Subtitle

No, not those subtitles or captions that appear on television. Rather, I am referring to the “Click to add subtitle” that you will see on the title slide when starting a new presentation. So what’s exactly the great deal about the subtitle? Seldom, we see a presentation that actually include a subtitle to the subtitle textbox (placeholder). At least that is what I have been seeing for the past few years. Subtitle however, does have the ability to send persuasive and meaningful message across the audience if utilized correctly. One way would be to make use of it across the entire presentation. In this situation, the title does the role of conveying what the presenter will be presenting, while the subtitle can act as a sub header much like those we see in reports. For instance, given a scenario where you are required to talk about suggestions for being an equal opportunity employer, your presentation contains a section covering 3 suggestions for Job Advertisement, Job Application Form, and Interview – one suggestion each. Subtitle can thus be used instead of bullet points.


In some cases, subtitles can also go beyond its role. Instead of simply indicating what you are presenting on, leverage on the potential of subtitle. For instance, you can invoke curiosity by having your subtitle in question form or a phrase to summarize the point you would like to convey. This not only helps bring in the attention of the audience, but also improves the flow of your presentation and keep it interesting.


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