Swap Animation on PowerPoint

Swapping objects so that object A, which is initially on top of object B, will now be on the bottom after the animation. Natively, PowerPoint doesn’t have such feature to achieve this, though I believe the same applies to most animation tools out there. This however, can be achieved with a neat workaround. First, you have to understand that every shape, text, images and many more, are considered an individual object. If you use Photoshop, Flash or similar tools, think of each object being in their own layer, where they can be rearranged in orders. Objects can thus be sent … Continue reading Swap Animation on PowerPoint

PowerPoint Hybrid Formatting

PowerPoint comes with a set of ready made designs and templates that would usually cater to your need. This is what makes PowerPoint easy and friendly to use. With PowerPoint 2007 and newer versions, shapes, texts and smartarts now have more formatting sets (color, fonts, effects and etc) than you would ever get to use. However, there would be a time where you will be thinking of mixing these formatting to suit your need. Unfortunately, changing the design means reformatting the entire presentation slides, where all the shapes, texts and smartarts would be affected.  There’s a way to achieve hybrid formatting. … Continue reading PowerPoint Hybrid Formatting

PowerPoint Heaven eConvention: Best of 2012

PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2012 is up! An annual event for PowerPointers to submit PowerPoint artworks, games and animations. Week 1 content is now available. Stay tuned for more updates on Week 2 (10 Jan 2013)! Link: http://pptheaven.mvps.org/