Grouping your slides

Having ton of slides in your presentation can be confusing if you are required to navigate around the slides during Q & A session. In the earlier versions of PowerPoint, there are several ways for you to group your slides manually, such as having hyperlinks and custom shows, though this may not be what you are looking for. In PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft made it possible for you to group your slides easily in the editing mode, by introducing the ‘Add Section’ feature. This feature allows you to easily group slides, as well as hiding them to allow easy navigation when you are working on the presentation. To do so, simply right click from the slide panel, and click on Add Section (or click on the Home tab, select Section > Add Section), then rename or collapse these sections to your preference.

In PowerPoint 2013, the Section feature is then further enhanced to allow you to view these groupings in the slide show mode. When going into slide show, right click and select ‘See All Slides’. This will bring up an interface similar to the slides panel. An interesting point to note as well is the ability to zoom in or out while navigating through the slides, thus solving the conventional method where presenter often exit the entire slide show when they are required to navigate to a certain slide!

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