Video editing in PowerPoint: Part 2

PowerPoint is full of neat tricks that you can play around with. One of these would be the great variety of video editing features. Bookmarking video is one feature where you can create interactions with the audience or complex trigger during your presentation. To do so, first insert a video. Double click the video to bring up the Video Tools bar. Under Video Tools, select Playback. Next, play through your video to a segment where you want to bookmark it. Pause the video and click Add Bookmark. Once a bookmark has been added, you can then leverage on the bookmarked segment by using Animation feature.

The bookmark tool is a feature that accompanies the animation trigger. It works similarly to start on click of/start after animation/with animation, thus allowing an object to animate only when the video reaches a particular segment that you have bookmarked. This makes it a great feature for those who want to have their video interacts with their presentation content such as external subtitles or captions (which you can also overlay it on top of the video) similar to YouTube. With the Bookmarking feature, you can then create complex trigger involving video! This is also something that cannot be achieved in older versions of PowerPoint (e.g. PowerPoint 2007 and earlier). To do so, first select an object (e.g. shape, image, etc) that you want to animate. Add an animation to it, then have it triggered on bookmark of the video segment. 

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