PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar customization

Ribbon has been introduced since PowerPoint 2007 (also the rest of Office programs) and it has pretty much replaced the old styled toolbar in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions. With Ribbon, commands are now easier to look for if you are not familiar with PowerPoint. However, there are some who still preferred the old small icons in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier. To achieve this, one can make use of the Quick access toolbar. This toolbar is available by default at the top left hand corner of PowerPoint 2007 and above, with 4 default commands – Save, Undo, Redo, Start from Beginning.

You can also add more commands to the Quick Access Toolbar. There are a few ways to bring up the customization. In the order of ease: 1 – Right click on the toolbar | Select customize Quick Access Toolbar. 2 – Click on the dropdown beside the Quick Access Toolbar | Select More Commands. 3 – Click on File | Options | Quick Access Toolbar. On the customization screen, you will find two columns, the first being the list of available commands and the second being the commands you want to have on the QAT. On the first column, you can also see a drop down menu which allows you to choose from a range of commands within a list (e.g. Commands in the SmartArt Tools | Design Tab), thus allowing you to have easier accessibility to frequently used commands. Once you have selected a command of your preference, click Add which is located in the center of the customization screen.

A tip is to add some of the useful commands which are not found on the ribbon. For instance, Bring Forward and Send Backward, which allows you to reorder the stacking order of your objects more easily; Reuse Slides, which allows you to add slides from other PPT files; Snap to Grid, to toggle on and off based on your preference during editing. You can also add a Separator which should be on top of the list, which allows you to categorize your QAT. In addition, if you are working on a project presentation which require frequent usage of a certain feature, you can set the QAT to be available for this presentation only. 

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