Multiplex Animation

PowerPoint is sometimes used as a software to create image slideshow, where album consisting multiple images are displayed through the entire slideshow. With that, here are some interesting Multiplex animations that you can achieve by combining different animations, tweaking timings and images etc. 7 Multiplex animations are demonstrated. 1 – Cross Dissolve, which leverage on random bars. 2 – Diamond Strips, which made use of multiple Strips. 3 – Quartz, which made use of shape and wheel to achieve quartz effect. 4 – Multi-Checkered, which consists of dual checker board effects, 5 – Complex Blinds, which is an advance blind effect, making use of Split and Random bars effects. 6 – Clone Merge, which leverage on dual Float in effects. 7 – Matrix, which made use of multiple Expand effects as well as timing tweaking and image cropping.

Multiplex Animation – Download

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