Crossfade animations in PowerPoint

If you have some understanding on adding crossfade effects or transition in videos, you will know that it is a pretty simple process. What about PowerPoint? Well, there are two common ways you can do so. The simplest way to achieve crossfade animations in PowerPoint is using the fade transition provided. First, insert an image on each slide. Next, go to the Transition tab and add Fade > Effect Options > Fade Smoothly. On Advance Slide, set it to a timing of your preference so that it will automatically advance to the next slide after a certain timing. Now click … Continue reading Crossfade animations in PowerPoint

3D Glass and Anaglyph animation effect

Most of you may have seen anaglyph images showing stereoscopic 3D effect when viewed with 2 color glasses (red and cyan). This is not what we are trying to achieve in this article though. Instead, we are going to leverage on this term to create an anaglyph-styled animation. This form of animation is nothing new and has been widely used in anime or horror movies. One example is the ending song of an anime, K-On!!. See: To achieve this effect in PowerPoint, you will need two duplicates of the original image, then using the recolor feature, set the first … Continue reading 3D Glass and Anaglyph animation effect