Creating Templates using PowerPoint III

We have come to the last image. The fifth one is slightly complicated. The concept is to do a moon-like curve that cover about 3/4 of the background while leaving 1/4 of the top, the left and bottom, and 1/4 of the right as the background. It uses Basic Shapes > Tear Drop. Now you may ask, why not simply use an oval shape to do it? The reason for not doing so is due to the top right corner, which cannot be covered completely if you use an oval shape. Likewise, increase the size may not get the result … Continue reading Creating Templates using PowerPoint III

Creating Templates using PowerPoint II

Occasionally, pre-made PowerPoint templates design may not be what you are looking for or there simply isn’t any available that fits a specific theme/topic. In this case, you may want to create one yourself. So what we have previously are couple of sample template slides created in PowerPoint (apart from the background, which can also be created using Freeform if you have the time to do so). The first image shown below is a sample title slide. For the background, there are many royalty free or stock images (for a small sum of fee) that you can find on internet. The … Continue reading Creating Templates using PowerPoint II

Creating Templates using PowerPoint I

Professionals tend to make use of graphical editing tool such as Photoshop to create their templates. However, if you are not familiar with these software, PowerPoint comes with many great features, and some of them include ready made shapes and shape styles that are really useful in creating your own templates. Below are some sample screenshots. Can you figure out how these are done? Find out more in the upcoming article.