Video editing in PowerPoint: Part 2

PowerPoint is full of neat tricks that you can play around with. One of these would be the great variety of video editing features. Bookmarking video is one feature where you can create interactions with the audience or complex trigger during your presentation. To do so, first insert a video. Double click the video to bring up the Video Tools bar. Under Video Tools, select Playback. Next, play through your video to a segment where you want to bookmark it. Pause the video and click Add Bookmark. Once a bookmark has been added, you can then leverage on the bookmarked … Continue reading Video editing in PowerPoint: Part 2

Grouping your slides

Having ton of slides in your presentation can be confusing if you are required to navigate around the slides during Q & A session. In the earlier versions of PowerPoint, there are several ways for you to group your slides manually, such as having hyperlinks and custom shows, though this may not be what you are looking for. In PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft made it possible for you to group your slides easily in the editing mode, by introducing the ‘Add Section’ feature. This feature allows you to easily group slides, as well as hiding them to allow easy navigation when … Continue reading Grouping your slides

What’s new in PowerPoint 2013?

Based on the consumer preview, below is roughly the list of new features you will expect to see. More detailed information will be up when it is officially release. Better reorder feature selection pane Welcome back – where you left last editing.Save as mp4 video!Merge shapesBetter presenter view, show presenter view in slide show.Slide sorter in slide showPin/unpin paneAdvanced editing and artistic effects on background image.Eyedropper!Crop to shapeCrop to aspect ratioCrop to fillCrop to fitReset picture and sizeRight click > shortcut style, fill and outline for objects.