PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2008

PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2008 is a day where PowerPointers get together to discuss, review and submit their latest PowerPoint works. PPTH eCon 2008 (abbrev.) is an annual online convention, which will be held on 27 September, a month after PowerPoint Heaven Anniversary. There are several events for PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2008. The events include: eCon Awards 2008, Contributor of the Year, Submissions @ eCon, Discussions @ eCon. Check out PPTH eCon 2008 now for more information! The eConvention starts off with the voting of eCon Awards 2008: Animation/Artwork/Game/Broadcast of the Year, which involves works submitted on PowerPoint Heaven in year … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven eConvention 2008

PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary

PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary! Time files, and PowerPoint Heaven is now 3 years old. It feels really good to see PowerPoint animations, games and artworks getting better and better over the past 3 years. In recent years, you can slowly see a wide variety of games coming up. Here’s a few examples of PowerPoint games by fellow hardcore PowerPointers: Pointer’s Way (maze game) by Mohammad Ahmed Fikree, Music ver. C (music rhythm game) by KDC, Ultimate Sniper (shooting game) by Ted Thayer, and the upcoming highly anticipated Eight Eclipse (RPG game) by Anthony Barfield. Artworks are catching up quickly. With … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary

PowerPoint Heaven RSS Feed now available

PowerPoint Heaven now offers RSS Feed. For those geeks who use feed readers often, you can now subscribe to the feed and get PowerPoint Heaven’s latest updates at: http://pptheaven.mvps.org/rssfeed.xml. The link is also accessible through PowerPoint Heaven frontpage and news section. RSS Feed may replace news section in the near future. For those who are still confuse, asking “what on earth is rss feed?”, you can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rss RSS Feed on web browsers: If you are using IE7, Firefox or Opera web browser, accessing the rss url provided will allow you to subscribe to the feed. IE 6 … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven RSS Feed now available

PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates

First updates for Year 2008!Added 3 new PowerPoint Showcases from the members of PowerPoint Expert Club: AutoShapes Art: Inspiration, by pso2850. AutoShapes Art: Inspiration is an inspiring piece of artwork done using PowerPoint AutoShapes and well synchronized with the beat of the music. Text Animations: Marry Me – KDC, by KDC. Featuring advanced text animations mirroring an excerpt of Ellegarden’s (a Japanese rock band) motion video, Marry Me. Text Animations: Marry Me – Bugycraxone, by Bugycraxone. Another similar showcase featuring advanced text animations making use of the lyrics in Ellegarden’s Marry Me. Added new PowerPoint Artworks, Vita, by Zzangdol, which … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates

PowerPoint Game – Widgets

PowerPoint Game, Widgets, by Anthony Barfield is out. The goal of this game is to get to the end point without hitting the laser enclosing you in. Be careful though, colorful Widgets are blocking your way!

PowerPoint Game – Ultimate Sniper

New PowerPoint Game, Ultimate Sniper has been released on PowerPoint Heaven. Ultimate Sniper is a PowerPoint shooting game. The objective of this game is to accept missions, assassinate your opponents and become the ultimate sniper. The current version is intended for PowerPoint 2007 and above. (Not including PowerPoint Viewer 2007) Download: http://pptheaven.mvps.org/ted.html#UltimateSniper Watch the video preview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XBM2tZMKiU

PowerPoint music rhythm game

New updates on PowerPoint Heaven. Added new PowerPoint Game, Music ver. C, by KDC (kdc1130) from Korea’s PowerPoint Expert Club. Music ver. C is a PowerPoint music rhythm game. The objective is to test the player’s ability to follow a musical beat and stay with the rhythm of Pachelbel’s Canon. Link: PowerPoint Game, Music ver. CWatch the Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8m1IGaAE8QAlso, 2 new PowerPoint artworks, Haruhi Greeting and Yuki Greeting, by Jeremiah Lee (Jerry).

10 new PowerPoint Anime, 1 new PowerPoint Showcase

Major updates on PowerPoint Heaven!10 new PowerPoint Anime by Han Byul Jang (Zzangdol), which includes impressive Intro Animation Contest submissions(Intro Animation Contest is a celebration contest held by Korea’s PowerPoint Expert Club), Password System, Hit the Target game. Added new PowerPoint Showcase, Intro Animation Contest by Coolguy7 (A winning entry for the Intro Animation Contest)which can be found in Gallery page, under the Showcase category.

Glass Ball Effects

Glass Ball Effects is now available on PowerPoint Heaven. The artwork shows a collection of Glass Balls that were done entirely with PowerPoint 2003’s AutoShapes. Also includes examples on where these Glass Balls can be applied in presentations.