Swap Animation on PowerPoint

Swapping objects so that object A, which is initially on top of object B, will now be on the bottom after the animation. Natively, PowerPoint doesn’t have such feature to achieve this, though I believe the same applies to most animation tools out there. This however, can be achieved with a neat workaround. First, you have to understand that every shape, text, images and many more, are considered an individual object. If you use Photoshop, Flash or similar tools, think of each object being in their own layer, where they can be rearranged in orders. Objects can thus be sent … Continue reading Swap Animation on PowerPoint

PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary

PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary! Time files, and PowerPoint Heaven is now 3 years old. It feels really good to see PowerPoint animations, games and artworks getting better and better over the past 3 years. In recent years, you can slowly see a wide variety of games coming up. Here’s a few examples of PowerPoint games by fellow hardcore PowerPointers: Pointer’s Way (maze game) by Mohammad Ahmed Fikree, Music ver. C (music rhythm game) by KDC, Ultimate Sniper (shooting game) by Ted Thayer, and the upcoming highly anticipated Eight Eclipse (RPG game) by Anthony Barfield. Artworks are catching up quickly. With … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary

Pausing your animations with VBA

Lets say if you are running a slide that has multiple animations on it. Halfway through the presentation, you may want to pause the animations to explain something. A simple way to do this is to press the “b” key which will black out the screen. Then, press “b” key again to resume the presentation. The downside is that you won’t be able to see the content on the screen. To resolve this, you can make use of VBA. To do so, click Tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor. Copy the code as shown below: Sub pauseshow()  ActivePresentation.SlideShowWindow.View.State = … Continue reading Pausing your animations with VBA

PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates

First updates for Year 2008!Added 3 new PowerPoint Showcases from the members of PowerPoint Expert Club: AutoShapes Art: Inspiration, by pso2850. AutoShapes Art: Inspiration is an inspiring piece of artwork done using PowerPoint AutoShapes and well synchronized with the beat of the music. Text Animations: Marry Me – KDC, by KDC. Featuring advanced text animations mirroring an excerpt of Ellegarden’s (a Japanese rock band) motion video, Marry Me. Text Animations: Marry Me – Bugycraxone, by Bugycraxone. Another similar showcase featuring advanced text animations making use of the lyrics in Ellegarden’s Marry Me. Added new PowerPoint Artworks, Vita, by Zzangdol, which … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates

3 new samples on Experimental Lab

Added 3 more new samples on PowerPoint Experimental Laboratory.Check out the masking and glowing effect sample which demonstrates masking and glowing on images and text in PowerPoint, the Scrolling text sample which demonstrates scrolling long chunk of text using animations or Control Toolbox, and Scanlines sample on animating lines.

PowerPoint Animation – Animation Vs Newbie

This is a PowerPoint Animation inspired by Animator vs Animation, with a stick figure interacting on PowerPoint 2007 interface. Done by 구름 (castleofgod) for Korea’s PowerPoint Expert Club Intro Animation Contest 3. Original work coming soon on PowerPoint Heaven.Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=4B2wq-Hqadw

Invisible Linking

Invisible Linking is a technique which allows you to hyperlink your presentation automatically. The traditional way of hyperlinking to specific slide, custom show, or even url is to add the hyperlink onto a button. Thus, once you click on the button, you will be transferred to the location. But what if you want to have this done automatically? Here’s how it can be achieved: First of all, remove the button as we don’t need to have it there.  Instead, add a rectangle that covers the entire slide. Double click on the rectangle, set fill color to 99%. Line color to no line. Click … Continue reading Invisible Linking

10 new PowerPoint Anime, 1 new PowerPoint Showcase

Major updates on PowerPoint Heaven!10 new PowerPoint Anime by Han Byul Jang (Zzangdol), which includes impressive Intro Animation Contest submissions(Intro Animation Contest is a celebration contest held by Korea’s PowerPoint Expert Club), Password System, Hit the Target game. Added new PowerPoint Showcase, Intro Animation Contest by Coolguy7 (A winning entry for the Intro Animation Contest)which can be found in Gallery page, under the Showcase category.

What is Custom Animation?

Added new article on PowerPoint Heaven: All about Custom Animation.Custom Animation is a feature in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It contains a list of effects that you can apply to objects to have them animate during the slide show. This article talks about what Custom Animation is and shows you a list of all the effects available. If you have no glue on what Custom Animation is, this is the article to read.