Vector Shine effect

Gradient can be a useful tool to create effects. Here’s a demonstration of vector shine effect done in PowerPoint using shapes, background and gradient formatting. 

Brush Stroke Outline in PowerPoint

When drawing shapes, there are several ways to add outlines. PowerPoint 2007 and newer versions offer great variations that you can play around with. For instance, you can add solid or gradient line color to the shape itself. You can also add transparency to the outline depending on your preferences. More advanced features would be the Line Style which includes setting compound type, dash type, width and etc. In this article, we would explore even further, that is, creating your own Brush stroke or calligraphy styled outline in PowerPoint. The brush stroke outline however, is not something that is available … Continue reading Brush Stroke Outline in PowerPoint

Realistic Ball Effects with PowerPoint 2010 Revisit

Few years back, I have provided a sample for Bevel and Shadow effects on balls using PowerPoint 2003. The sample includes Ball Effects variations (5 variations, 4 colors each) accompanied by 6 examples on how you can make use them. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link: Today, with the newer versions of PowerPoint (from 2007 and onwards), you can create these effects more easily and realistically without the need of multiple layering. Manipulating the properties under 3-D Format, you can now create spheres that looks much better than the default ones provided by Shape Styles. But by saying easy, it … Continue reading Realistic Ball Effects with PowerPoint 2010 Revisit

PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary

PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary! Time files, and PowerPoint Heaven is now 3 years old. It feels really good to see PowerPoint animations, games and artworks getting better and better over the past 3 years. In recent years, you can slowly see a wide variety of games coming up. Here’s a few examples of PowerPoint games by fellow hardcore PowerPointers: Pointer’s Way (maze game) by Mohammad Ahmed Fikree, Music ver. C (music rhythm game) by KDC, Ultimate Sniper (shooting game) by Ted Thayer, and the upcoming highly anticipated Eight Eclipse (RPG game) by Anthony Barfield. Artworks are catching up quickly. With … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven 3rd Anniversary

Glass Ball Effects

Glass Ball Effects is now available on PowerPoint Heaven. The artwork shows a collection of Glass Balls that were done entirely with PowerPoint 2003’s AutoShapes. Also includes examples on where these Glass Balls can be applied in presentations.