Agenda or Table of Contents, a necessity in presentation?

Many people will agree that it is good to have an agenda or table of contents in a presentation. Reasons can include laying out clearly by telling your audience what topics are being covered and knowing what you are going to unfold next, length of the presentation and acting as a guidance for your audience. But are they really necessary? Probably not in all situations. Here’s a couple of thoughts: 1. True that without an agenda, audience may sit through a presentation lost in a maze and not knowing when it will end. However, it is also true that in … Continue reading Agenda or Table of Contents, a necessity in presentation?

Presenter for your Android phone

I have been trying out with some Android Apps recently as I have just got my hands on HTC Desire Z, running on Android 2.2, Froyo (a happy consumer indeed). Some applications that I have tried out include presenters for android, which come handy for those who are unwilling to buy a presenter which can be costly depending on the brand you are looking at. With the right keywords, you should be able to find many presenter applications out on the Android Market. Several are not free and may be tagged with a price not exceeding $10. However, we are … Continue reading Presenter for your Android phone

Know your audience

It is always important to know who you are presenting to. Your audience can be a group of students, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and etc, but sometimes, knowing just that is not enough. Demographics information such as gender and race are equally essential to you, especially for preparing your presentation slides. Now, imagine that you are going to create a presentation on family values. If your audience is a group of Asian executives, slides showing Asian families will bring them deeper into your presentation. They will also feel more familiar to what you are showing them and helps relate it to their lives. … Continue reading Know your audience

Invisible Linking

Invisible Linking is a technique which allows you to hyperlink your presentation automatically. The traditional way of hyperlinking to specific slide, custom show, or even url is to add the hyperlink onto a button. Thus, once you click on the button, you will be transferred to the location. But what if you want to have this done automatically? Here’s how it can be achieved: First of all, remove the button as we don’t need to have it there.  Instead, add a rectangle that covers the entire slide. Double click on the rectangle, set fill color to 99%. Line color to no line. Click … Continue reading Invisible Linking