Anthony’s PowerPoint Games Preview

Anthony’s 2 upcoming titles, Eight Eclipse and Pixels Neon 3 are currently under development. For those who have been following Anthony’s games, here are some preview:Eight Eclipse: Neon 3: (A little bug here which requires you to rename it to .ppt, then open up the file and start from slide 2 manually).

PowerPoint Game – Widgets

PowerPoint Game, Widgets, by Anthony Barfield is out. The goal of this game is to get to the end point without hitting the laser enclosing you in. Be careful though, colorful Widgets are blocking your way!

Two upcoming PowerPoint games

Two upcoming PowerPoint games. One by Anthony Barfield, titled Pixels Epic: The Sword of the Eight Eclipse. The game name is kinda long, but it’s the first PowerPoint RPG game đŸ˜‰There are some screenshots available to you in our forum: one is by Fikree, titled Pointer’s Way {revo}. This time, you will need to figure out how to get to the portal. 100 of levels, and 8 new environmental worlds. The game is slated to release on February 2008.