PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates

First updates for Year 2008!Added 3 new PowerPoint Showcases from the members of PowerPoint Expert Club: AutoShapes Art: Inspiration, by pso2850. AutoShapes Art: Inspiration is an inspiring piece of artwork done using PowerPoint AutoShapes and well synchronized with the beat of the music. Text Animations: Marry Me – KDC, by KDC. Featuring advanced text animations mirroring an excerpt of Ellegarden’s (a Japanese rock band) motion video, Marry Me. Text Animations: Marry Me – Bugycraxone, by Bugycraxone. Another similar showcase featuring advanced text animations making use of the lyrics in Ellegarden’s Marry Me. Added new PowerPoint Artworks, Vita, by Zzangdol, which … Continue reading PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates

PowerPoint music rhythm game

New updates on PowerPoint Heaven. Added new PowerPoint Game, Music ver. C, by KDC (kdc1130) from Korea’s PowerPoint Expert Club. Music ver. C is a PowerPoint music rhythm game. The objective is to test the player’s ability to follow a musical beat and stay with the rhythm of Pachelbel’s Canon. Link: PowerPoint Game, Music ver. CWatch the Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8m1IGaAE8QAlso, 2 new PowerPoint artworks, Haruhi Greeting and Yuki Greeting, by Jeremiah Lee (Jerry).