Mask with PowerPoint: 2007 and 2010

If you have done masking effect in PowerPoint 2003, or have seen the blog post on Mask with PowerPoint (See Figure 1 and 3), then you should take a look at the blur effects offered by PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. The introduction of blur effects allow you to insert a shape of your preference (e.g. circle or donut), then add the blur effect making the masking more realistic and stylistic. To add the blur effect, simply double click the added shape, then click on the Insert tab > Shape Effects > Soft Edges > (Extent of the blur effect. Preferably 10 to 25 points). Above … Continue reading Mask with PowerPoint: 2007 and 2010

No diagonal wipe transition on PowerPoint 2007

Another good reason to upgrade to PowerPoint 2010. When it comes to software, you would normally want to have absolute control over settings, especially the minor details. Just a few months back, I came to realize that PowerPoint 2007 does not offer diagonal wipe transition, instead, it has diagonal strips transitions where the edge is checkered instead of straight. What’s the fuss, you may ask? Firstly, the position where I have placed my title and the template I am using, a diagonal wipe is the perfect transition to use. Secondly, I have to port it over to a seminar room with only … Continue reading No diagonal wipe transition on PowerPoint 2007

Changing border color of a table in PowerPoint 2007

Well hidden feature here, which you may not came across unless you chanced upon it. If you have inserted a table in PowerPoint 2007, then gave it a border, you will realize that there’s no direct way to change the border color of your preference as compared to previous versions of PowerPoint. It can be done though. Here’s what you should do: Double click on the table to bring up the Table Tools > Design tab. Under ‘Table Styles’, set the table to ‘No Borders’. Now, under ‘Draw Borders’, set it to a different ‘Pen Color’. Set the table to … Continue reading Changing border color of a table in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint Game – Ultimate Sniper

New PowerPoint Game, Ultimate Sniper has been released on PowerPoint Heaven. Ultimate Sniper is a PowerPoint shooting game. The objective of this game is to accept missions, assassinate your opponents and become the ultimate sniper. The current version is intended for PowerPoint 2007 and above. (Not including PowerPoint Viewer 2007) Download: Watch the video preview here:

PowerPoint Animation – Animation Vs Newbie

This is a PowerPoint Animation inspired by Animator vs Animation, with a stick figure interacting on PowerPoint 2007 interface. Done by 구름 (castleofgod) for Korea’s PowerPoint Expert Club Intro Animation Contest 3. Original work coming soon on PowerPoint Heaven.Link: