Video editing in PowerPoint: Part 1

Inserting and interacting with videos in PowerPoint have improved greatly over the years, with newer versions providing many great features. In PowerPoint 2010 for instance, you have the ability to format your videos just like images. To do so,  first insert your video, then right click on it and select Format Video. From here, you can then set the video’s brightness, contrast, recolor it, crop it and etc. You can also style your video through video tools by double clicking on the video to bring up the Format tab. From there, set a shape of your preference so that your … Continue reading Video editing in PowerPoint: Part 1

Play YouTube videos in PowerPoint

If you have a YouTube video which you want to play it during the presentation, you can make use of the Shockwave Flash Object ActiveX Control.To do so, open up PowerPoint.Click View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox.Click on the last icon, ‘More Controls’.Scroll down and look for Shockwave Flash Object.Select the object, then insert it onto the slide.Once you are done, right click on the object and select Properties.Open Internet Explorer and look for the YouTube link. Copy the URL which should be something like: into PowerPoint and double click on Custom in the Object’s Properties.Paste the URL under … Continue reading Play YouTube videos in PowerPoint

Insert flv video into PowerPoint

What is a flv video?Flash Video, also known as flv, is a file format that is used to deliver video over the Internet. It uses the .flv file extension. Video sharing sites such as YouTube and MySpace make use of Flash Video format. Inserting flv video into PowerPointThere are several programs which allow you to view Flash Video. One example is VLC Media Player, which is free and can be downloaded at To insert flv video into PowerPoint, one way is to make use of the VLC Media Player.First, install the VLC Media Player. Once done, create a folder.Move the presentation … Continue reading Insert flv video into PowerPoint

Embedding Video

Embed Video in PowerPointTo insert video, you can click Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movie from File. Unfortunately, they are always linked. This causes link breaking issues when moving your presentation from one computer to another. The best solution would be to embed these videos. But how? The first stepInsert it as an object. To do so, click Insert > Object > Create from file. Click Browse and look for the video you want to insert. Once you are done, click Ok twice.Playing the videoNow here’s the tricky part. To play the content, you will need to activate it … Continue reading Embedding Video