System and Security Windows 7

Sistem and Security Windows 7

Windows 7 provides various facilities associated with your computer security, such as Windows Firewall, Windows Update and Windows Defender. In addition, for family security in the use kompter Windows 7 also provides a facility known as the Parental Control. Parental Control With this the user can set the security level and the use of Windows 7 for family or other users. With Parental Control, users can adjust the schedule of use, security level, until the arrangement is allowed for the application in accordance with certain given access to him.

Other facilities are also very important is the security and data systems. Windows 7 provides the facility for this purpose, the Backup and Restore. With this facility the user will feel safe to use a computer.

Sometimes the computer suddenly not working properly, in this situation we usually want to go back to the initial configuration when the machine is running well. But, of course you want to save all the new data, including data that has changed. To avoid this you should always use the backup facility to secure your data and systems. This backup facility in terms of its usefulness will be paired with another facility named Restores.

Backup facility for data backup and system in your Windows computer to maintain data and system security, while the restored facility is used to return to its original state.

Microsoft launched Windows Vista facility since this is already available and would certainly not destroy data and configuration of the system will be restored to the previous. In Windows 7, the system restore is much better and perfect, very reliable even to restore the system to normal before no change. Here you’ll see a list of programs to be added or removed, there would appear the information that can be used for us to choose from.

Power Shell "Interactive Shel and Programming Language"

Simply put either Windows PowerShell in Windows Server 2008 or are already available in Windows 7 is an Interactive Shell (IS) and Scripting Language (SL) made by Microsoft-based. NET programming.

Many also wondered why this PowerShell? PowerShell can be used for some jobs such as setting in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that support Exchange Management Shell, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server, and others. As for the PowerShell architecture is now known by the IT Pro in particular and the general IT community in the world, including in Indonesia.

How a Power Shell

The way it works in general is that we could take some properties (using a get-command), make changes to something (using the command-set), add something (using the add-), throw something (using the-remove command), and the commands Other special. This command can also be treated specifically by adding some parameters after the command line.

PowerShell at the operating system environment or the Operating System, can be used to control the operating system, whereas in Windows Server, can be used for various purposes such as Administering the Active Directory. Windows PowerShell can actually run on the Windows XP operating system, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003, the installer can be downloaded at (, whereas for the Windows operating system Server 2008, can not be enabled through the “Add Features” from the Server Manager.

In addition to the operating system, some applications also support the Shell Scripting with PowerShell, such as Exchange 2007, System Center Operations Manager 2007, System Center Virtual Machine Manager and so on.

In Exchange 2007, Shellnya called Exchange Management Console. In addition to Administering, Exchange Management Shell can also be used for troubleshooting and simple reporting can be exported to *. txt files. I also mentioned earlier that we can get information from something to attributenya, this is what makes Shell is useful when the user GUI mode difficulty.

"Windows 7" Print Document

You can try to print any documents that already exist on your computer to see results from working printers that were installed in Windows 7. Quite easy, just right click on the file you want in print, on menuPopup click Print. In this way you can print your document to the printer. But of course the result is still less satisfactory, because it is not configured properly.

To print to the printer produces a good and sufficient, having been in the file, double-click on the file, the file was opened automatically in accordance with the application program used to create the file. Because you have not installed any applications, then Windows 7 will display these files based on the compatibility of the files concerned with the applications in Windows 7.

As an illustration, the following describes some ways to print documents from Windows 7. This method is not absolute, because there’s another way that can be used to print the document. Only here explained how to print the file or document directly without going through another application other than that provided by the application itself is Windows 7.

  • Right-click on a file or document that will be in print, after the popup menu appears click Print
  • Click the program, milsanya Wordpad, and not the document and click on the printer icon
  • You can also use Drag and drop commands. Do I click the Start menu, click Device and Printer and click Printer, then click the document (s) in queue. Then click and hold your mouse on the document that will be in print, then remove the printer window is open.


Windows Live Family Safety

We have to connect to the Internet network is very easy, either through a Local Area Network, PDA, or smartphone. And the number of websites that can be accessed even hundreds of millions around the world. From the number of website content varies, from education, health, sports, business, including pornography. All of these websites can be accessed easily and quickly without limit. Therefore the role of parents is necessary for their children can avoid visiting websites that are not in accordance with their age.

Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has introduced a system of security and comfort for the family called Windows Live Family Safety. This facility is very useful for the children while surfing in cyberspace. Children will not be able to visit sites that contain elements such as pornography, violence, alcohol, drugs and others.

In fact, if parents are given a special account to use Parental Control for kids to get into computer networks including the Internet, maybe they can not freely enter the halls of cyberspace is unlimited. But with increasingly sophisticated technology that our children could go through the e-mail that they get accidentally, and usually in the e-mail a link to go to certain sites.

Because of technological developments more quickly, then the use of Parental Control in Windows 7 is recommended. It’s just Parental Control in Windows 7 does not provide Web Restriction as in Windows Vista. But the Windows 7 facilities found on the Windows Live Family Safety is the bundle with Windows Live Esential which can be downloaded at the Microsoft site whose address But of course before you must already have an account on Windows Live. If you have to register first, then you just download the necessary application.

Once downloaded the installation immediately, then do the settings. Only Restriction on the Web settings of Windows 7 is slightly different than with Windows Vista. However, by reading and following the instructions displayed your program will not experience difficulties.

Stay Connected On the Go

Operation of computer networks require maximum TCP / IP settings are quite complicated. Windows 7 makes it easy to detect the settings automatically to network conditions and then to optimal. At the risk of losing the network connection such as WiFi networks, Windows 7 could improve the missing data packet either single or double. Another capability that can increase or decrease ‘Acceptance TCP “automatically connect to survival. The bottom line with Microsoft’s Windows 7 users will get the ability of the best computer network without the need to have knowledge of TCP / IP before.

 Ordering and Receiving Data

Size “TCP acceptance” is the number of bytes of data received at the time. To determine the maximum number of data bytes that can be accepted, based on the final conditions of the network. Technology TCP / IP stack the latest to do the above automatically. This is done to determine the optimal number of data bytes that can be received per connection with the width based on data (data width multiplied by the mass of data per connection) and the average received data. Final and maximize revenues automatically bytes of data.

With the continuity of good data connection, then the data width will increase by itself during the process of data exchange. So that the network generally may be utilized optimally. For more information about the quality of service, please go to the section still in this document.

Compound TCP

For TCP connections with a wide acceptance and large data, CTCP increase the amount of data sent at one time by observing the width of the data, product delays, because delays and lost data packets. CTCP also prevent it does not interfere with other TCP connections in the initial testing at Microsoft. File doubling time can be reduced by almost half to 1 gigabit connection / connection with 50 milisecond time. Thus obtained a better performance

Automation revenue TCP connections maintain the continuity of good data on the revenues and expenditures. CTCP also can improve performance in connection with a large data width.

Architecture WiFi

Windows 7 to include WiFi architecture as the core of the network technology. This gives a lot of convenience in the implementation of the brand, the different types of hardware and driver support for WiFi cards that can be relied upon. even users with limited knowledge of the network will be able to control the following network support better security.

Stay Connected on-the-go

We live in a mobile world, taking our laptops and devices with us as we move between home, work, and other places. Through our travels, we want to stay connected to the people and things we care about. Windows 7 breaks down the barriers that can get in the way, making it easy to stay connected wherever you go.

Get Online, Stay Online

With Windows 7, you can easily get online and stay online as you move from place to place. Whether you’re switching from one network to another, attempting to access the Internet from a device, or taking advantage of mobile broadband, Windows 7 keeps you connected.

View Available Network (VAN)

Windows 7 makes viewing and connecting to all of your networks simple and consistent. You’ll always have oneclick access to available networks, regardless of whether those networks are based on Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband, Dial-up, or your corporate VPN.

Wireless Device Network

Sometimes you may have only one Internet connection available and want to share it with other wireless devices-or connect your wireless devices to your PC when you’re away from your home wireless network. Windows 7 lets you use your wireless-enabled PC as a wireless access point. You can connect wireless-enabled devices such as portable printers and digital cameras directly to your computer. And if your PC is connected to the Internet, those devices can access the Internet through your PC.

Mobile Link

With Windows 7, it’s much simpler to connect your computer to the Internet using a wireless data card, regardless of which cellular provider you use. The process is similar to connecting to any other wireless network, and is done using the View Available Networks feature. You don’t need to install any additional software-just insert your wireless data card and your PC will connect to the Internet automatically. And if your PC has a built-in data card, you’ll be connected to the Internet wherever there’s cellular service.

Be Productive Anywhere

Productivity for mobile workers is often dictated by connectivity and corporate security measures. Windows 7 helps you remain productive by providing faster, more consistent, and more secure access to corporate resources. You can remotely access your work desktop and applications from home, access files stored on a server when you’re offline, and have your desktop and settings follow you as you move from one PC to another.


With Windows 7, working outside the office becomes simpler. DirectAccess, a new feature, enables you to more securely connect to your corporate network over any Internet connection-without having to use virtual private networking to access a work application, network folder, intranet site, or SharePoint site. Connectivity to your work network is easily established whenever you have an Internet connection. Your experience accessing corporate resources over an Internet connection is almost indistinguishable from your experience when you access these resources from your desk at work. When you’re connected from home, you can access public Web sites without going through your work network. DirectAccess also enables your IT department to administer your PC whenever it’s connected to the Internet, so you can easily stay up-to-date with company policies.

VPN Reconnect

 Although DirectAccess offers strong benefits, your company may not be able to implement it right away-and may continue to rely on VPN connections in the meantime. In the past, when using a VPN connection, you had to redial it whenever you lost underlying Internet connectivity. But not anymore. VPN Reconnect in Windows 7 provides consistent VPN connectivity by automatically reestablishing a VPN connection when you temporarily lose your Internet connection. For example, if you’re connected to the Internet using wireless broadband and pass through an area without reception,  Windows 7 will automatically reconnect any active VPN connections when Internet connectivity is reestablished.

Windows DVD Maker Windows 7

For those of you who previously used to using Windows Movie Maker may be very easy to try Windows DVD Maker. Current facilities of Windows 7 was given the ease of editing, adding video and music components and direct burning to CD or DVD can be done quickly.

To start the DVD Maker is not difficult you can simply click on the button All Programs, then Windows DVD Maker is coming soon on your computer screen. Here are some options that can be used to add either a file or video image.

After the images or video included in your list immediately click the Next button to continue this work. Here you can change the text, animation by selecting the style that is available. Then to see the results you can press the Preview or timbol can also by selecting the Slide Show. If you will save click File, then select Save As and named the file. But if you want to direct burning to CD or DVD that you either click the Burn button.

Parental Control Windows 7

parentalPerhaps you have experienced while working in the office, you borrow a friend’s computer that you use to just open the e-mail or print a document, especially if they have an account on that computer. You would not mind if it was just starting your job. But it would be very annoying if it happens while you’re doing a complex job that requires you to work with several applications open or you have a lot to do browsing by opening multiple windows.

Microsoft Windows 7 provides a facility which allows for change of user accounts as many times as you want without having to go through the process of logging off, closing the Windows or the applications being used. And if another user has finished with the needs, you can return to your account and continue the work without having to open the application you’re using one by one. These features are known as the Switch User.

Make a New Account

To create a new account of the procedure is the Desktop click on the Start button, then click Control Panel. From the Control Panel, click User Accounts and Family Safety. Click User Accounts and click Manage another aoounts, and then click Allow to display kendela Manage Accounts and click on Create a new account. After clicking Create a new account of Windows 7 will display a window to write a new account. Type the new account in the New Account Name field, for example Putik, and then click Standard User, or if you want the level of administrator authority, you select Administrator and click on Create Account or Cancel to cancel. For this option you kick Create Account to create a new account named “Putik”.

Creating Password

Account that you have created can now be used, it’s just still not made its safety, especially passwords. For that make a password, how to click the Account you just created. The aim is to determine the security level of the user, for example for menentkan Account. After that will appear the windows Make changes to Putik’s Account. Pistil’s the account you just created. Then click Cange your password. After that will appear the windows Create a password for Putik’s account and type the password in the column Type a new password, for example, “admin001”, type your password in the column Type a new password again to conform, for example, “admin001”. You also can write the word as a reminder of your password in the column Type a word or phrase tu use as a password hint, such as admin, and then click Change Password.

Remove Password

To remove the password in the Account sautu not too difficult, do click Remove password. After that window quickly Remove password and then click Remove password

Change the Picture

These options change the image of digunakanuntuk accounts already created. Do I click the option Change the picture, after which the image selection window appear shortly. Click one of the existing drawings or can be taken from a specific location when you save the image to your liking. If have found the selected image is selected click on the image and then click Change picture.

Deleting Accounts

How to delete account click the Start button from Desktop, and then click Control Panel and click Add and Remove user accounts under User Accounts option and Family safty. After that click on one account will be deleted, such as stigma and Click Delete the account. Then click Keep Files if you will keep all documents under the Account. Whereas if the account will be deleted following the existing document then select Delete Files, and Cancel options is used to cancel the account deletion process. After Delete Accounts window appears, click Delete Account option

Using Switch User

By the time a user choose Switch User, the computer will automatically return to the Welcome Screen. Then the first user can take turns using the computer and other users can log on to your accounts, as for how that should be taken to use the Switch User feature the first display Switch User command in one way click Start, click Log off and then select Switch User or resistant Windows bearing the button on the keyboard, then press the letter L. Then click Switch User button. After that log on screen of Windows 7 will display the number of programs being used by each user in each user account. Then click one of the user account that will be used, for example Tutang and type your password (if any), click the arrow button to log on to your computer system.

Parental Control Setup

Parental Control is a facility provided by Windows 7 to create a protection especially for children or a specific user. For example, if you create a user for your child, then use a protection to the user or the user can not visit a particular site on the Internet. By doing a bit setting in the Setup Parental Control options the user can not enter or specific sites.

To create a filter on one user set up Parental Control, how the Accounts window:

  • Click Manage another account
  • Click one of the accounts, such as stigma
  • Click Set up Parental Control
  • Click one of the account to be handled, such as stigma. After that initial setup window Parental Control.
  • Click on the option Parential Control, all components will be lit and the user box will appear Up to ADULT ONLY
  • Click on the Activity Reporting option
  • Click on another choice, such as Web restrictions
  • Click on the option Do you want to block same web content?

After that, make your selection on the web that will block the choice of Web contents, for example, you’ll memblock choice Phornography, Sex Education, and so on, and click OK to close the window and make the protection to the user account called stigmas.

Thus no account is called the stigma will not be able to enter certain sites that have been in the block.

Windows 7 "The Next Generation Operating System"

In normal circumstances, or default, when you enter the working environment of Windows 7 first window you see is Getting Started. Getting Started in the default display will be several important components of the Microsoft Windows 7. But if it does not appear automatically you can call through the start button, and select Getting Started, the choice is there some other options that could be used for many purposes it is important for your convenience in using Windows 7.

Getting Started in the default display will be several important components of the Microsoft Windows 7. Under the Getting Started There are several options such as Windows Personalize the options that can be used for settings related to display screen or desktop, transfer files from another, Use a homegroup to share with other computers in yourt home, Add new users to your computer, your backup files and so forth. All these options can be used directly without having to go to Control Panel first.

As already mentioned above that under the Getting Started options there are some important options, that is aboot Learn Windows 7, Windows Personalize 7, and so forth. For details, about the choices you run the Getting Started course, it will automatically appear on your computer screen. As you see, some of the options that can be used to perform a variety of purposes, such as Windows Personalize the options that can be used for settings related to display screen or desktop, transfer files from another, Use a homegroup to share with other computers in yourt home, Add new users to your computer, backup your files and so forth. All these options can be used directly without having to go to Control Panel first.

Then to find out more about the component or feature you click on one of the features available, such as Find out what’s new in Windows 7. When you use this option make sure the computer is used to connect to the Internet, however, although the connection is not available, the facilities can also be used. Find out how click what’s new in Windows 7, and then click See more new features, appear immediately after the dialog box and Help Suppot.

Find out what’s new in Windows 7. This option is used when you want to learn more about Windows 7, especially with new features. This option also illustrates that Windows 7 is not an operating system patch from Windows Vista, which many predicted. With the features of this new Microsoft Windows 7 can be said as operasis system with the nickname The Next Generation Operating System and all doubt about the latest generation operating system from Microsoft this.

Transfer files from another computer. This option is used to perform file transfer, and settings from computer to computer. This option is not only from computer to computer but can also be used to transfer files or other media, such as from USB Flash to the computer, and so forth. After you press the button Transfer files from another computer, your computer will display a dialog box. From this dialog box you press the button Next to continue. Then you specify the media that will be used to make the transfer process, for example, you use the option An Easy Transfer cable, A Network, An external hard disk or USB Flash. After setting options such as a Network, Windows 7 will display a box dialolog next. Click the options that will be used to perform the work, then you follow all the instructions that Windows 7 is displayed by clicking the options that will be used, and continue pressing the Next button.

Please remember to use this option make sure that all media will be used must be available, such as networking, USB, and so forth. Because if this option is not available will not be run in accordance with the desire. For example, you use the Network option A, then the computer will search for Windows 7 that is used and the connection will fail to do this job if you do not see the connection from computer to computer that is used in the destination network. So if you click the Close button to mengakhirinya.

Download Windows Live Essentials to communicate, share and publish. This option is very closely related to the Windows live, so to use the computer that you use must be connected to the Internet network. Without this option the connection can not be used, to make sure that if you are using the option Download Windows Live Essentials to communicate, share and publish must be connected to the Internet and suggested you should have a Account in Windows Live. However, if you do not have a Windows Live Account at the time of entry to the Windows Live environment you have to register first.

Choose when to be notified about changes to your computer. This option is closely related with the user account that you create or that you are using. Of course, use this option with the closely related with the security of the user who used

Backup and Restore. Second option is very useful for membackup and merestore back files that have been in the backup. Backup options to be used to perform backup and restore. With this option you can create image files, recovery disk, and so forth. If you will be doing the backup, the backup option setup, so if you want to do restore using the option to stay backupto Select another restore files from. In addition there is a quite interesting option in Windows 7, namely the option Recovery Control Panel. To use this option you must provide the media that will be used both for backup and to restore.

Backup facilities provided Windows 7 is much more sophisticated. Here the facilities available to perform backups in the form of the image is quite good and very easy to use. There are some media which can be used to perform this backup, the hard disk, DVD, and Network.

If membackup will or other data to disk in the past you must prepare a blank disk for this purpose, so when the backup to DVD you must have to enter an empty DVD drive that is available on your computer.

Then to do the backup files, data and other to the server in a network of computers that are used must be connected to a server with a username and account. Here the previous computer that is used must be registered or have a member in the network.

Meanwhile of course there are certain facilities have backup facilities to restore his name. Selection Restore Windows 7 that is provided is used to restore data, files or data and other information from the backup process. So to use the restore facility before you should have a backup file. Without having a file from the backup process is not possible you can use restore this facility.

Free e-Book Wndows 7 in Bahasa Indonesia

Free e-Book Windows 7

e-Book Free for Windows 7 friends WSS-ID End Users, and particularly the newly joined and want to know and learn about Microsoft Windows 7? Visit this portal and get a free e-Book here. Gradually, I will upload the e-Book Windows 7 here. For this time I update some of the new e-Book Windows 7 is, hopefully I can publish the rest in the near future. Hopefully useful

Database Nutrition Tracker

Microsoft Access 2007 menyediakan banyak sample database yang bisa digunakan untuk berbagai keperluan. Salah satunya yang kelihatan bagus dan tergolong baru adalah Nutrition. Tampaknya template database ini cukup baik dan bisa digunakan oleh para ahli gizi dan nutrisi.

Pada saat Anda menginstalasi Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate, Access 2007 sudah ada di dalamnya. Namun untuk template Nutrition ini harus di download terlebih dahulu. Sama seperti ketika Anda mendownload template Microsoft Word 2007.

Anda bekerja dengan Micorostf Access dan akan memanfaatkan fasilitas secara utuh dan lengkap sebaiknya komputer yang Anda gunakan dalam keadaan online. Jika tidak, maka semua fasilitas canggih yang disediakan Microsoft Office tidak bisa Anda nikmati secara baik dan sempurna.

Untuk mengambil template tersebut langkah yang harus Anda lakukan adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Klik Start Windows Vista Anda

  2. Klik All Programs

  3. Klik Kelompok Microsoft Office

  4. Klik Microsoft Access 2007. Setelah Anda melakukan beberapa langkah terseut Microsoft Access 2007 segera tampil.

  5. Untuk mengambil template yang dikehendaki dari jendela Getting Started with Microsoft Office Acces klik Personal dan klik Download. Biarkan komputer bekerja.

  6. Pastikan Office yang Anda gunakan asli. Setelah tampil pernyataan Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage tampil klik tombol continues dan proses download segera dilaksanakan.

  7. Setelah proses download selesai, jendela Access segera menampilkan kotak dialog Access Help. Anda bisa melihat dan membaca semua isi dari Access help tersebut. Semua ketentuan dan keteranangan yang berhubungan dengan database Nutrrion Tracker. Jika sudah merasa cukup klik tombol close

  8. Dari jendela yang tampil klik tombol Option untuk menampilkan pilihan yang ada di Microsoft Office Security Options

  9. Klik di pilihan Enable to this content

  10. Klik OK untuk menutup kotak dialog tersebut dan Anda sudah siap memodifikasi database Nutrition yang baru Anda download

Dengan beberapa langkah yang sudah dijelaskan di atas Anda sudah siap bekerja dengan database baru Anda. Pada tampilan awal sebaiknya Anda isi dengan identitas atau profile Anda sebagai pemilik database tersebut.