TechEd EU and what else is keeping me busy

I just recognized – I didn’t post anything for a month. This is awful! Currently I’m very busy at my daytime-job (turns out it’s not just daytime lately – just to much to work). And currently defines as this year (almost). However – I do a lot of interesting work – so that’s fine. There are also a couple other things which suck up my spare time [;)]

And I also got the word from the organizers of TechEd EU that I’ll be speaking there – look forward to my session

IAM402: A Directory Services Geek’s View On Access Control Entries (ACE)

You have already deployed Active Directory, but still a lot of domain administrators? You want to increase security, decrease the risk of administration gone awry and offload daily tasks to delegated admins? In this session you will learn how Access Control works in Active Directory, notes from the field about implementing role based administration and how to figure out what to delegate. Additionally we will drill down on implementing delegation using scripts and share details on what to delegate. After this session you’ll be able to design and implement role-based administration in your infrastructure.

TechEd EU will be in Barcelona this year in November – Microsoft has joined their major European Conferences TechEd and IT-Forum into one Conference with two parts – for IT-Pros and for Developers. Both of them will be in November. And I haven’t updated the session description yet – but I plan on including some changes in Longhorn. This session is pretty interesting – after delivering it at the Directory Experts Conference in Las Vegas earlier this year where about 500 Directory Experts were attending I had a lot of interesting conversations with attendees afterwards. Now I’m able to deliver this session in Europe as well – I’m looking forward to it.

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