Directory Experts Conference and Book success

OK – is not having their database under control lately – they are fairly unable to update book descriptions and authors, and the statistics are going up and down. However, we got word from our publisher that the Windows Server 2003 – Die Expertentipps book is selling very well, and yesterday we had place 8th in the top IT-Bestsellers. We also had some comments. Fairly positive about the content, however a couple typos. While I’m really sorry about this, I’m also a bit concerned since we figured that many of those went in after our last review. However – the publisher is taking care of this and nobody blaming us (so far).

The planning of the Directory Experts Conference started and I’ve found something very funny related to it today. If you just pretend to be a Active Directory-Expert (and can’t make it to DEC), you are able to get your own Rubber Chicken (actually a cheap copy) at the animal toys department of some stores.

I found the rubber chicken on the shelves of a German department store today, so you are free to pretend being at DEC [1].


[1] Careful – real Directory Experts know the difference.

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