I’m still alive (1)

OK – I haven’t written a post in quite a long time. The last one was before I went to TechEd EU in Barcelona. So what I believe I can fly ;-)happened?
I decided that I’ve deserved some vacation, so I went with my wife and a “close friends couple” to Hurghada, Egypt to do some sun-tanking and scuba-diving. I enjoyed it, there are great beautiful animals in the red sea (kind of poisoning too, so you are far safer snorkeling or diving then swimming or worse – walking). 

Afterward we went almost straight (one day re-packing in Munich) to Barcelona.

TechEd and Barcelona was great (again). Microsoft has done a great deal in making this the best TechEd/IT-Forum in the last years (at least in my opinion), they valuated the feedback from last year and the conference was great. I’ll continue in the next post with my experience from TechEd, since this is really deserving a separate post.

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