MVP-Summit – Back in Seattle / Redmond

I just traveled to Seattle to attend the MVP-Summit, and it’s already been great to meet so many MVPs again in the Hotels and on the Streets. During the next days the highlights will be to see Bill Gates live again and have many discussions with the Directory Services Product Group.

One thing which really bothered my during my trip here: at the airport in Chicago I’ve looked at the wireless network, and on the instruction card it mentioned the follwing:

How can I configure my computer to optimally enjoy Wi-Fi?

Make sure to disable your VPN, ipv6, firewall and proxy before connecting. [..]

So are they really suggest taking off your firewall for optimally enjoying Wi-Fi? In a public hotspot? I honestly hope they are changing these instructions.

To be fair – on the other side they recommended to set the checkbox in the “Windows Firewall” to “Don’t allow exeptions”. While this is a great advice and assumes that the Windows Firewall is turned on (you are unable to set that checkbox if it’s turned off) the sceenshot right next to it shows the Windows Firewall being turned off with the checkbox not set.

Time to redo the document I guess [;)]

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