dcpromo in Windows Server "Longhorn"

Jorge’s Quest for Knowlege is currently covering a lot about the next Windows Server “Longhorn” which is due later this year.

In his Post Windows Server Longhorn – Installing, Removing and Upgrading to AD he is covering a lot of the options you get with the new dcpromo in Windows Server “Longhorn”.

I refer to this as the “Next -> Next -> Finish”-Consultant-proove Version of DCPromo. You know – Active Directory is a pretty complex topic, however there were many people out there who claimed to know Active Directory because they are able to install it using DCPromo. But it requires a lot more than that.

Microsoft basically took care of the “common Admin” by putting many of the best practices right into DCPromo, so if you are installing Active Directory by default now you’ll get much more what you’ve set afterwards as default, so I do expect that we are getting less calls from Scenarios which lack best practices.

However you are still able to run dcpromo and configure many settings (actually much more) by selecting the advanced installation right on the first screen of the dcpromo-wizard.

If you have access to the beta or to MSDN – give it a try to explore the new dcpromo-wizard – you’ll love it!

Read Jorges article where he tells you more about Installing, Removing and Upgrading to AD in Windows Server “Longhorn”

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