Remembering TechEd US in Orlando

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I’m still way behind in blogging, however I want to keep the timeline and therefore it’s time to write about TechEd US in Orlando this year.

I love those conferences. But I guess thats – at least to the view folks reading my blog – “public” knowledge [;)].

I was scheduled into TechEd US again as Ask-the-Expert (or Technical Learning Guide or however they call it now). Basically I was staffing the Windows Server 2008 – Active Directory Domain Services Product booth.

I arrived on Friday evening in Orlando and had dinner with some friends. On Saturday during the day I had to go shopping (a live full of stress doesn’t help in packing luggage, I actually worked the whole night before taking of but forgot some of the clothes). In the evening we had a party with fellow MCTs – I enjoyed a great Surf & Turf at a nice restaurant.

On Sunday I had to go to the registration and get a intro in the product booth area. I met some friends and were chatting about some technical issues while finishing some setups on Server Core.

The conference started officially on Monday. At the Windows Server Information Desk they were giving out a book for free – “Introducing Windows Server 2008” from Mitch Tulloch published by MS-Press. Mitch has asked me shortly before finishing the book if I could provide some “Side Notes” (the concept of the book is to provide site-notes “from the experts”, and many Microsoft Employees of the product groups were contributing here), so I contributed two side-notes: one about the new DCPromo-Wizard and one about Granualar Password Settings. This was the first time I’ve seen the book printed, so it was very exciting for me. In the evening the Lead Program Manager of the Active Directory Product Group (whom I knew before) contacted me if I would like to present the demos in his session “Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2008” on Tuesday and Wednesday. So we spent part of the evening to prepare the demos in the last minute and had some food with some other members of the product group afterwards.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was (again) working the whole time at the product booth, “sneeking out” only for our session. I enjoyed the session – and we apparently did pretty well on preparing the demos – one of the attendees even provided feedback that they were looking to canned. Funny with only some minutes of preperation, so I take this as a compliment when they are professional enough to appear canned. A recording of the second session is available at Virtual Teched (and got a rating of 4,5 out of 5 Stars).

Which was also funny – people started to queue through the half of the largest convention hall just to pick up a free copy of the book.

Thursday was working again (IIRC I took of for one session, and then went back to the booth), and Friday I was officially of duty but was still hanging out there.

Over the whole week we’ve had a lot of interest in Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services. We explained many featues to customers. We also had a lot of customers coming in with real-world issues, design questions, discussions, …, …, everything you can imagine. Couple very interesting scenarios. And we’ve also had great suggestions which we were either able to demonstrate right now how this might be possible, or took feedback. I’ve also mailed some suggestions right back into Redmond to some Developers or Program Managers I happend to know, so the feedback was heard.

Friday evening many of the MCTs went to see the Shuttle Launch, however I was way tired. Instead I went with one of the program managers and a developer to relaxed drinks and dinner, and as you can imagine we had a nice evening chatting a lot about suggestions for the next version of the Directory Services techonologies (we covered Certs, Security, Active Directory Domain Services (AD) and Leightweight Domain Services (ADAM), ADFS, ILM and RMS, so the full pallette of AD-Technologies. If they took all the feedback back to Redmond people there are swearing about me know and are busy until 2015 [;)] ).

Every day was interesting and busy, every night we had some more interesting discussions in more private groups (or parties), and one thing for sure – after getting back I needed sleep desperatelly.

“Sleep? Nah! It’s TechEd Season”

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