DEC-Europe is approaching, and since I was communicating heavily the past days about this conference I decided to sum up my favorite reasons why this is the conference to be:

  • It’s dedicated to Microsoft Directory Services
  • Attendees and Speakers are usually in the same hotel, encourages a lot of after-hour chats
  • This is the conference of a very high value for the Microsoft Identity and Access Management Product Group, therefore you have a lot of key-players from the PG being there, and they hear your feedback.
  • The content is very technical – I’m very sure that everyone who attends is getting new knowledge, ideas,…
    I think I know a lot about Active Directory and DS in general, however every time I’m at DEC I’m boosting my knowledge.
  • It’s all about community. Even since it’s hosted by NetPro it’s not about the company. They don’t want product pitches outside of the clearly marked sponsor-sessions, they don’t talk much about their own products, they welcome everyone – even competitive companies. It’s all and only about the Directory Services Communities.
  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and other industry notables are there and collaborate, answer questions, and just hang around.

I just booked my flights, and I’m very excited to be part of this great conference again. So I hope to see everyone in Brussels in a month.


P.S.: I’ll be presenting the following sessions – and Gil, Guido Jorge and me will also do a daily session about Windows Server 2008 Scenarios.

A Directory Services Geek’s View on Access Control Entries
You have already deployed Active Directory (AD), but still have a lot of domain administrators? You want to increase security, decrease the risk of administration gone awry and offload daily tasks to delegated admins? In this session you will learn how Access Control works in AD, notes from the field about implementing role based administration and how to figure out what to delegate. Additionally we will drill down on implementing delegation using scripts and share details on what to delegate. After this session you’ll be able to design and implement role-based administration in your infrastructure.

A Directory Services Geek’s View on How to (not) update your Schema
Are you:
– supposed to integrate some 3rd Party Schemaextensions in your Forest?
– asked to design your own schema extension?
– trying to figure out how to administer additional or new attributes?
Then you have to see this session. We will clear up the fog around schema extensions by explaining the difference between schema extensions and schema configuration, talk about designing/evaluating schema extensions (when is a extension “smooth” and when is it dangerous), and provide guidance on creating administrative interfaces for additional / new attributes. We are also announcing how Windows Server 2008 helps you when extending your schema. Come to this very technical session to get the most complete coverage about schema extensions you have ever seen.

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