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For the past three days I was at the Microsoft Launch Event Germany, the first and as we were told biggest (by the number of attendees) Launch for Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008. I did three presentations:

  • Active Directory-Dom√§nendienste in Windows Server 2008
    (Active Directory-Domainservices in WS2k8)
  • Erfahrungen eines Directory Services-Experten mit Sicherheit und Delegation im Active Directory
    (A Directory Services-Geek’s View on Access Control Entries)
  • Erfahrungen eines Directory Services-Experten mit Active Directory-Recovery mit Windows Server 2008
    (A Directory Services Geek’s View on Active Directory-Recovery in Windows Server 2008)

The event was very good and very successful as far as I can see. There were minor issues, e.g. on the first day it wasn’t that clear which sessions are in which rooms, and the acoustic was pretty bad in some of the rooms since you were able to hear the other speakers of the other rooms as well (luckily two of my presentations were in the good rooms), but over all I was very satisfied. A lot of good and experienced speakers, interested and interesting attendees with good questions and suggestion, a great event. Overall there were about 7500 people in Frankfurt attending this event.

I’ve also got a view good ideas for some new blog-posts, so stay tuned.

And now it’s time to get ready for the Directory Experts Conference 2008 in Chicago in the first week of March. I’ll also present there the “Directory Services Geek’s View on Active Directory-Recovery in Windows Server 2008” session.

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  • Hi Ulf,

    i was at Microsoft Launch Event in Frankfurt, too and visited 2 of your Session (grey Shirt in the 2 or 3d row).
    I was very excited to hear your presentations and i learned much more about AD and how many i can do with scripts.
    It was very nice to see and hear you and the Event was so big and very cool.

    Many thanks and Kind regards

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